Portfolio of Debbie Bissett
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These projects where created using Flash, and Director. Some of the Flash projects where created using Action Scripting.

Flash Game Flash Game

Using Pixtel art and Action Scripting. I actually did this prior to attending an advanced Flash class.

Flash Fish Story Flash Story about being the new person

I created the charactors, background, sounds, and animation for this story.

e-Card Director an E-card

The Praying Mantis is singing Happy Birthday, with his band.

ECPI Tutorial Director
ECPI Freshman Orientation

This application was created for use on the web, and as an auto-start CD. This guides new students through the process of logging-in, viewing thier grades, and much more.

Meet Geek Director Meet Geek

An ad for TV promotion to announce an upcoming show, where Geek's meet models in hopes of winning their love, or maybe something else...

Flash Menu Flash Buttons

A unique menu created using Action Scripting. Click on the Menu items, and watch them wiggle and giggle.

Moving Bubbles Flash Moving Bubbles

Action Scripting.

Fireworks Flash Fireworks

For the 4th of July or any other celebrations.

Fill Glass Flash Fill the Glass

Masked effect.

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